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Vehicle Inspection Gateway


All customers arriving at an inspection location must stay in their vehicle until contacted by a state employee and given further instructions.

Only one person per appointment will be allowed in the inspection waiting area.

Customers are requested to adhere to the current State and CDC safety requirements to include social distancing and face coverings.


Vehicle Inspections - Year to date
34,994 2020
40,184 2019
2019 Total Inspections : 49,560


  1. Original prepaid inspection receipt from the Ohio BMV (Bureau of Motor Vehicles)
  2. State issued I.D. or Passport (If driving the vehicle, a valid drivers’ license is required)
  3. Ohio title with the current owner name on the front
  4. All of the Original Receipts for any parts that were replaced on the vehicle
  5. Used Part Receipts must provide the Donor Vehicle's VIN
  6. Receipts from a casual sale by an individual or business that is not a licensed parts dealer must be notarized.



Yes if:
(New parts) the receipt/invoice identifies the part, the seller by name, lists the transaction specific number, and the transaction date.
(Used parts) the receipt/invoice identifies the part to include the VIN of the donor vehicle, the seller by name, lists the transaction specific number, and the transaction date.
All internet receipts must be printed. We cannot accept emails or faxes.


No. Any licensed driver may bring the vehicle to the inspection with the owner’s permission. The person presenting the vehicle will need to bring all required documents and a printed copy of the owner’s drivers’ license to the inspection.


No. The name on the front of the title must be the current owner of the vehicle prior to scheduling the inspection appointment.


No. You will be advised what needs to be corrected, but you will not forfeit your inspection receipt until the vehicle is re-inspected. Please note that when an inspection fails, the inspection receipt is tied to the failed vehicle, and can only be used for a re-inspection of the same vehicle.


You will need to apply for a salvage title at a local clerk of courts title office.
You must have an active salvage title, in the current owner’s name, prior to scheduling a salvage inspection appointment.


Yes. The vehicle must be compliant with Ohio Revised Code section 4513.at the time of inspection

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