Ohio State Highway Patrol: Salvage Inspection

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The purpose of a salvage inspection is to verify the ownership of all parts and to review all required documentation. These inspections are designed to identify stolen and contraband parts/vehicles. Vehicle must be ready for highway operation before the inspection will be completed. Salvage inspections are not meant to confirm road worthiness or quality of repairs.

  • For questions please call an inspection location.
  • For more information about salvage inspections please see the Salvage Inspection Brochure.
Required documents*
  • A receipt for the $50 inspection fee.
  • Ohio salvage title
  • Receipts for all replaced “major component parts”
*All original receipts from where parts were purchased are required for all parts replaced.
Major parts inspected*
  • Front clip (also referred to as the "doghouse")
  • Any fender or quarter panel
  • Rear clip
  • Any exterior door or hatch
  • Engine
  • Transmission or trans-axle
  • Frame
  • Bumper
  • Hood
  • Deck or trunk lid
  • Dash (when entire dash is replaced)
  • Seat
  • Air bags
  • Truck cab or bed
  • Motorcycle fairing or other related parts
*This is not a comprehensive list and should be used only as a guide. Circumstances may arise which require the inspecting officer to request documentation for a part not listed.