Office of Criminal Justice Services Ohio Consortium of Crime Science

What is the Ohio Consortium of Crime Science?

The Ohio Consortium of Crime Science, or OCCS, is an association of researchers from colleges, universities, and state agencies working together to provide evidence-based solutions to the real-world problems faced by local criminal justice agencies.

OCCS Mission

The Ohio Consortium of Crime Science (OCCS) brings together social science researchers across Ohio into one resource to assist criminal justice agencies conduct research, disseminate knowledge, and foster relationships between practitioners, policy makers and academics.

The OCCS is guided by the belief that the criminal justice system will benefit from a better understanding of complex social, cultural, economic, and political processes. The Consortium works with practitioners, policymakers, and academic researchers in the social sciences and related professions, building interdisciplinary and statewide networks to link research to practice and policy, strengthen individual and institutional capacities for learning, and enhance public knowledge on criminal justice issues.

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How does OCCS operate?

Local government agencies will initiate their contact with the OCCS by filling out the Request for Assistance form. In the request they are asked to identify the problem they have encountered, the kind of assistance they are looking for, and the outcomes they wish to achieve.

Members of the OCCS will meet to discuss the feasibility of the request given the resources of the Consortium. If the request is approved, a qualified researcher from the OCCS with expertise in the appropriate area will be provided with resources to assist the agency. The researcher will then work with the agency to develop a solution to the problem that is based on empirical research.

If the request is outside the scope of the OCCS, or if the request is more extensive than what the OCCS can provide, the OCCS will offer the agency guidance on devising a research-based strategy to address their problem.

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If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Shoaf at, or 614-466-5997