Office of Criminal Justice Services Ohio Consortium of Crime Science

Completed Reports:

Montville Police Department Staff Level Comparison Analysis

Chief Terry Grice, Dena Hanley, Ph.D.

An Evaluation Study of a Criminal Justice Reform Specialty Court—CATCH Court: Changing Actions to Change Habits

Karen Miner-Romanoff, Ph.D., J.D. 

Lorain Police Department: A Study to Improve Patrol Deployment

Philip Matthew Stinson, Sr., J.D., Ph.D., Steven L. Brewer, Jr., Ph.D., John Liederbach, Ph.D. 

The Ohio Risk Assessment System Misdemeanor Assessment Tool (ORAS—MAT) and Misdemeanor Screening Tool (ORAS-MST)

Edward J. Latessa, Ph.D., Brian Lovins, Ph.D., Jennifer Lux, M.S. 

Cincinnati Police Department 15-Minute Hotspot Policing Experiment

Robin S. Engel, Ph.D., Nicholas Corsaro, Ph.D., M. Murat Ozer, Ph.D.

An Evaluation of the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy Initiative

Dr. Wendy Regoeczi and Dr. Valerie Wright

Process Evaluation of the Northwest Community Correctional Center’s Seeking Safety Initiative Final Report

Steven P. Lab, Ph.D. and Adam Watkins, Ph.D.

ORAS-PAT Final Report

Dr. Paul E. Bellair and Eric G. LaPlant

A Study of Ohio’s Correctional Institution Inspection Committee’s (CIIC) Inmate Surveys

Melissa W. Burek, Ph.D., John Liederbach, Ph.D., Joelle K. Bridges, M.S.

Staffing Analysis for the Colerain Police Department

Nicholas Corsaro, Ph.D., Halil Akbas, Ph.D.

Neighborhood by neighborhood: community policing in a rust belt city.

Will Cooley, Michelle Bemiller, Eric Jefferis, Rose Penix

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