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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to get a motorcycle endorsement. What is the process?

Please visit the BMV web page to learn how to get your motorcycle temporary permit (TIPIC) and download the study guides for the knowledge exam: www.publicsafety.ohio.gov/links/mop0001.pdf

You take your TIPIC knowledge exam at a local BMV.Select your county for the location and direct contact information at the following link: bmv.ohio.gov/locations

Is the Motorcycle Temporary Permit (TIPIC) included in taking a Motorcycle Ohio class?

No. You must get your TIPIC before you take the Basic Skills class, and bring it with you to class. Please visit the BMV web page to learn how to get your TIPIC and download the study guides for the knowledge exam. Here is the link: http://www.bmv.ohio.gov/

Will the Motorcycle Ohio class allow me to get my endorsement?

The Motorcycle Ohio Basic Skills, Returning Rider, and Basic Skills 2 classes will allow passing students to get their endorsement within 60 days of successfully completing their class.

Is the Motorcycle Ohio class mandatory?

Only for minors between the age of 15 ½ and 17.

I’m a minor wanting to take a class to get my endorsement. Can I take the Returning Rider or BRS-2 to get my endorsement?

No. Minors can only take the Basic Skills course to get the skill waiver.

I’m a minor wanting to take a class to get my scooter endorsement. Does Motorcycle Ohio provide scooters for the Basic Skills class?

Call the Motorcycle Ohio office for details.

I need to schedule a motorcycle skill test at my local BMV. How do I schedule that exam?

Please visit the BMV web page: http://www.bmv.ohio.gov/

If I have a motorcycle endorsement on my current valid license, take a Motorcycle Ohio class and fail that class, will that failure affect my license or endorsement in any manner?


If I have a motorcycle endorsement on my current out of state license, how can I get that out-of-state motorcycle endorsement transferred to my new Ohio license?

Out-of-state endorsements may be transferred to your new Ohio driver’s license by completing the motorcycle temporary permit (TIPIC) exam.

Here is the link to find out more information on the TIPIC exam: http://www.bmv.ohio.gov/

Do I need a TIPIC to register for a Motorcycle Ohio Basic Skills or Returning Rider class?

To register for a class you do not need a TIPIC, but you do need a valid TIPIC when you arrive to take your class.

My driver’s license is expired or suspended. Can I take a class?


My TIPIC is expired. Can I take a class?

No. You need to renew your permit prior to class.

To locate the closest BMV, visit www.bmv.ohio.gov/

I want to register for a Motorcycle Ohio class. Where can I find the dates and times?

Registration is on-line only and you must pay, with credit card, for your class when you register. Have your payment information and driver’s license on hand to register, then visit our registration portal at services.dps.ohio.gov/MotorCycleOhio/Pages/Public/Announcements.aspx

I want to register myself and some friends for a Motorcycle Ohio class. Can I schedule all of us into the same class?

Our registration process only allows one person to pay and register at a time for a class.

What does Motorcycle Ohio provide in their classes? What do I need to bring?

Please visit our web page, www.motorcycle.ohio.gov/, and go to “Information and Services” for complete course details.

Does every training location offer the same course selection?

No. Every site offers the Basic Skills Course, but some training locations provide additional classes such as the Returning Rider or advanced classes. Please visit www.motorcycle.ohio.gov/ for more information.

When are classes offered?

To see classes offered, visit services.dps.ohio.gov/MotorCycleOhio/Pages/Public/Announcements.aspx, select the course type, then in the “Search Criteria” select order by “Distance” and enter your Zip. Every training location controls and maintains their schedule.

Do I need to attend all of my class or can I pick days to attend?

Students MUST attend the entire class as it is scheduled and may not pick and choose what day to attend.

I want to use my 2-wheeled scooter or motorcycle in a class. Can I do so?

Yes, but only if there is a compelling reason to do so. The motorcycle must be properly registered and insured, have 2-wheels, be street legal and over 100cc’s but under 500cc’s.

Please inform the instructor at your class that you are using your personal motorcycle or scooter in the class. Please provide registration and insurance information and allow time for a vehicle inspection prior to class.

I want to use my 3-wheeled or adaptive use (training wheels, “buddy packs”) scooter or motorcycle in a class. Can I do so?

No. Only a 2-wheel motorcycle can be used in a Motorcycle Ohio class.

I lost my waiver form. Will this prevent me from taking the class?

If you have paid for your class and have received confirmation of your payment, you are in that class and on the roster. If you do not have your waiver, one will be provided to you at the start of class for you to complete.

If I do not have a medical condition, do I need to have the medical form completed?


Do I need to have the notary section of the form completed?

Under 18 Only: The notary section must be completed/notarized prior to class if your legal guardian will not be present on the first day of class.

I want to take a class, but it is full. Can I get into a full class?

See our walk-in policy for further details at services.dps.ohio.gov/MotorCycleOhio/Pages/Public/Announcements.aspx.

Begin the registration process by selecting the class you want to take, then check the box that states “SHOW ALL CLASSES”. From that point you may see every class and the walk-in policy for that location (you can view the walk-in policy by clicking on that link).

I am registered for a FUTURE class and want to try to get into a full class as a walk-in. Is my waiver form valid and do I need to pay again if I get in as a walk-in?

If your paid-for class has not happened yet, and you get into a class as a walk-in, the paid-for class waiver form is still valid and no money needs to be collected.

I am a student; I arrived late to my class and, and my class seat was given to someone else.

Our walk-in policy is clear: scheduled students need to be on time, 100% of the time. You have forfeited your class spot and class fee. No refunds will be given.

I’m not an Ohio resident. Who do I contact to get my endorsement after taking the Ohio Basic Rider Class?

First, check with your state license agency and see if they accept out of state training for a motorcycle endorsement. After you successfully complete your class the classroom instructor will issue you a Completion Card. Contact your local state license center to get your endorsement put on your license.

I’m an Ohio resident in the military and my duty station is outside Ohio. Who do I contact to get my endorsement after taking the MSF BasicRider Course?

Motorcycle Ohio will accept a MSF Basic Ridercourse Card. Please email our office for details at MOGen@dps.ohio.gov