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Crash Statistics
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HomeThis Web site can be used to generate Facts Books for the past five years of crashes in the state of Ohio.

By using this site, crash statistics can be generated by:

  • NCIC (National Criminal Information Center) - Law Enforcement Agency
  • FIPS (Federal Information Processing System) - City/Village/Township
  • County
  • Statewide

The Ohio Revised Code has tasked the Ohio Department of Public Safety with specific responsibilities with respect to public safety. Section 5502.01 of the Ohio Revised Code states in part, "...The department shall compile, analyze, and publish statistics relative to motor vehicle accidents and the causes of them, prepare and conduct educational programs for the purpose of promoting safety in the operation of motor vehicles on the highways, and conduct research and studies for the purpose of promoting safety on the highways of this state..."

Information provided on this website represents traffic crash data and supporting information from the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s (ODPS) Electronic Crash Submission (ECS) database. Data presented has been recorded from the crash report forms as submitted to ODPS by reporting agencies for the calendar year requested. Data files used to generate the reports are subject to changes over time due to continuing efforts to assure the data contained therein is as accurate as possible. As such, some details of these reports may not be duplicable from the current ECS data files.

Because data for the current year is constantly being submitted to ODPS, the report results may vary from hour-to-hour, therefore ODPS cannot be held responsible for any action taken based on the reports generated by the data provided.

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For questions and/or comments regarding the Crash Facts Book, please contact the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Traffic Statistics at traffstats@dps.ohio.gov