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ODPS Crash Data Extracts Download

This website can be used to download crash data for the past five years of crashes that happened in the State of Ohio in "Text" format only.

The application also gives users a choice of downloading the "FULL Extracts" or "TRACTAPE". Crash extracts can be generated by :

   ● NCIC (National Criminal Information Center) - Law Enforcement Agency
   ● FIPS (Federal Information Processing System) - City/Township/Village
   ● County
   ● Statewide

The description of the Extract fields can be found in the following locations :

Full Extract - Help File

Trac Tape - Help File

Full Extract - Layout File

Trac Tape - Layout File

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For questions and/or comments regarding the Crash Data, please contact the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Traffic Statistics at traffstats@dps.ohio.gov